We started tape production since 1991, accumulated 19 years experience and strength, we invested our new factory and opened to overseas markets in 2009.
Our core products are covering BOPP acrylic tape, BOPP hot melt tape, smartape(patent item), stationery tape, and industrial tapes, such as masking tape, duct tape, etc.
We focus on the high quality tape production, developing new products according to the market requirements, paying particular attention to environmental sustainability.


BOPP Acrylic Tape

Bopp acrylic tape is solvent free, recommended for carton sealing for long time storage. It is applied at room temperature and can be stocked either at high or low temperatures.  8 series of acrylic tapes are provided, smartape is patent item and it hepls you to SAVE more than 220%.

BOPP Hot Melt Tape

Hot melt tape is synthetic rubber base. High adhesion, excellent performance, so it is suitable for sealing all kinds of boxes, especially for recycled boxes. Easy unwinding force is particularly recommended for automatic application on carton sealing machines.

Stationery Tape

Many different kinds of stationery tapes are available here. It is widely used in office, school and home: mending books and documents, sealing, decorating any surface, etc.

Industrial Tape

We provide all kinds of high-quality industrial tapes for customers.


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