Industrial Tapes

Except for BOPP Packaging Tapes, Hyseal also produces other Industrial Tapes for special applications.

We are professional industrial adhesive tape manufacturers and industrial adhesive tape suppliers. We provide you with the high-quality industrial tapes and adhesives.

Industrial Tapes Product Show

What are the Industrial Tapes?

The Double Sided Tapes are including Double Sided Tissue Tape, Double Sided PP Tape, Double-sided PET Tape, Double Sided EVA Foam Tape and Double Sided Cloth Tape. These tapes are widely being used for garments production, construction, automobile production, etc. The release paper can be in white and yellow color, the adhesive coated on the liner can be Water Base Acrylic, Hot Melt, Solvent and even Silicon for special applications.

The Masking Tape includes general purpose Masking Tape, automotive painting Masking Tape. Temperature resistance can be 80 degrees C or 120 degrees C. The quality of Masking Tape is now very stable and China is the main country to produce Masking Tapes, There are also three kinds of adhesive for choices: Water-based Acrylic, Hot Melt, and Solvent.

The Cloth Tape is also a strong item. We can produce different meshes of the carrier and the adhesive also can be Hot Melt and Solvent. For the economic reason, we suggest Hot Melt adhesive and for better application, we suggest Solvent adhesive.

What are the other Industrial Tapes we can supply?

The other tapes we produce include Duct Tape, Aluminum Tape, PVC Insulation Tape, PVC Floor Marking Tape, Anti-slip Tape, Fiberglass Tape, PE or BOPP Warning Film, etc. These tapes are mainly for carpet jointing, pipe wrapping, construction, and decoration, identifying the different areas, safety warning, etc.

As a sophisticated tape manufacturer, we are not only producing Water-base Acrylic and Hot Melt Carton Sealing Tapes, we also supply industrial tapes with high-quality standard for our customers. We aim to be one-stop-purchasing platform for our clients and make their jobs easier.

What is the MOQ of these Industrial Tapes?

The different specification will be for different applications so before you order these tapes please make sure that you understand the final application purpose. The cost of these tapes are normally much higher than BOPP Packaging Tapes and consumption is not as big as the Carton Sealing Tapes, so we can accept small order volume, to combine with our packing tapes to load in the same shipment.