Paper Tape

How PP Tape replaced Paper Tape in the passed 30 years?

Around 30 years ago, when people were still in a hard life, we were using Gum Paper Tapes or string to wrap or bond cartons in our daily life. Paper products were everywhere, such as paper bags, kraft paper boxes, etc. Paper was the cheapest and easiest material to get at that moment. With the development of our economy and industry, chemical products and plastic products replaced traditional items. Nearly 90% of the products in our daily life are now made of plastic. The same, BOPP Tapes replaced Paper Tapes since 90 century. The plastic products brought great conveniences to people's life. Paper Tape has many types, such as paper adhesive tape, paper glue tape, paper masking tape and paper packaging tape.

Paper Tape Product Show

Why people once again prefer Paper Tapes?

However, 30 years later, people gradually noticed that a lot of plastic products are damaging our environment and create potential hazards to our life. As our Chairman Jinping Xi said, "Mountains of Gold And Silver, Are Not As Good As Mountains of Green Tree". A lot of countries issued new policies to limit the usage of plastic products and to decrease the omission of gas and carbon. BOPP Tape, a necessary product for packaging, is also on the limitation list. While Paper Masking Tape, though its cost is much higher than BOPP Tape and production procedures is more complicated, is once again required to be used for packaging industry!


The difference between traditional Kraft Paper Tape and new Paper Tape

The Kraft Paper Tape, with a certain tensile strength and gram weight, coated with Hot Melt adhesive, or Acrylic adhesive, is being used for carton sealing purpose. The Paper Packing Tape is different from the traditional Kraft Tape that the backing side has been treated with silicon release, which the backing surface is not slippy and can be printed directly with ink. For heavy duty packaging, the reinforced paper will be used so there are different quality grade:

 Paper + Hot Melt adhesive for packaging

 Paper + Acrylic adhesive for packaging

 Reinforced paper + Hot Melt adhesive for heavy duty packaging;

 Reinforced paper + Acrylic adhesive for heavy duty packaging;


Why people now prefer Paper Tape than BOPP Tapes?

The main reason is that the Paper Packaging Tape can be recycled directly with a paperboard or carton and a single tape roll will be degradable to the earth. When a box is sealed with BOPP tape, it can’t be recycled directly before peeling off the tape. This seems a little job but if you can imagine, thousands of boxes jammed in front of you, how will you peel off the tapes one by one especially the Adhesive Tape had been splitted by a knife into two parts?

Though Paper Packaging Tape cost is triple than BOPP Tape, people still prefer to choose and use the paper tapes. All the nation in the world should try to leave a clean world for future generations.