A Wide Range of Tapes

A Wide Range of Tapes

Adhesive tape is based on paper, cloth, and film, and then the glue is evenly coated on the above-mentioned substrate to make a paper adhesive tape, cloth adhesive tape or film adhesive tape. According to the adhesive properties, it can be divided into three parts: solvent adhesive tape, emulsion adhesive tape, hot melt adhesive tape, calender adhesive tape, and reactive adhesive tape. It is made up of base material, adhesive and isolation paper (membrane).

BOPP sealing tape

The sealing tape uses BOPP as the base material and is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesives on one or both sides. BOPP is a bi-directional stretching polypropylene film, transparent luster can be printed, mostly as the base material of sealing tape.

Scotch tape

Transparent sealing tape is based on biaxially stretched polypropylene film, which is uniformly coated with a layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side of the base material. It is usually divided into the transparent and white tape and beige tape.

Kraft paper tape

Long ago, people really made it out of calf skin. But later, because of the high price and the understanding of chemical synthesis in human development, people used wood fibers to synthesize, and then after special chemical treatment, formed paper with the shape of cowhide material.

Masking tape

American tape is also known as American tape and American tape. The strength of the adhesive is its main performance because it allows reuse without residual glue; it is widely used in decorative purposes of masking effect.

Duct tape

Cloth-based adhesive tape is a kind of insulating adhesive tape, which is based on the thermal composite of gauze fibers and coated with polyethylene high viscose glue on one or both sides. It has strong peeling resistance, tensile resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance and high temperature aging resistance.

Printed tape

Printing tape, also known as print tape, is widely used in brand sealing tape with brand LOGO or brand name on the tape, this tape is often customized! The use of printing tape can improve the brand image and play a role in brand promotion.

High-temperature adhesive tape

High-temperature adhesive tape, that is, adhesive tape used in high temperature working environment. Mainly used in the electronic industry, the temperature resistance is usually between 120 degrees and 260 degrees. It is often used in spray painting, baking paint leather processing, painting and shading, fixing in the process of electronic parts, printed circuit board and high temperature treatment shading. Among them, there are green high-temperature tape, high-temperature paper tape, high-temperature double-sided adhesive and so on.

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