Application of Industrial Tape

Application of Industrial Tape

The industrial tape can optimize magazine cover printing, catch defective products, and sometimes help make coffee. It is an indispensable good helper in the production of many industrial products.

Performance and capability of tape
We provide industrial tape for many fields and application environments. Most smartphones use more tape than apps. The tape used to tie up new car harnesses every day is enough to cover the whole of Australia. We will introduce you to six classic applications of industrial tape.

As for the electronics industry, we can say for sure - this industry keeps us inseparable from tape, for example, in our smartphones. In a 2015 German survey, 17% of respondents installed more than 31 apps on their phones. What they don't know is that there are about 45 kinds of Desa tape used in their smartphones.

When the user brushes the screen carelessly, just under the screen, every kind of industrial special tape is performing its mission: the tape fixes every layer of the screen together (it is difficult for the user to find because the tape is extremely pure and transparent); they block the internal light and lead it to the right direction; they help the processor to dissipate heat and avoid burning; in case the mobile phone is installed with it The 31 apps and 45 kinds of tape fall to the ground together, they can also buffer the impact. The completely unnoticed and ultra-thin tape can be used in any design. At the same time, the tape also plays a role in LED TV, notebook computer and digital camera as well as automobile navigation and communication system.

Partners in bonding solutions for the consumer electronics industry
We provide tape solutions for smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, OLED and LCD displays, wearable devices and other smart devices, their parts and accessories.

Automobile industry
The solution of fixing adhesive tape for automobile exterior parts
Many components, including trims and profiles, are fixed to the body with TESA tape - and do not separate until the car is scrapped.

800000 square kilometres - an area between Australia and Brazil. This is roughly the same as the total area of tape used by the automobile industry to fix two to five kilometres of cable on each new car every day.

There are as many as 50 kinds of tape used in every new car. Some tapes are used to assemble parts, some are used to provide protection during the painting process and are removed immediately after the new car comes off the production line, others need to work silently for many years. They seal the pores left in the production process, fix the trims and thresholds, and make up the gap between them and the body due to different thermal expansion and contraction. They reduce vibration and noise, such as seat and instrument panel tape. Compared with the use of screws and bolts, they reduce the weight of a shaking head doll, although we haven't actually measured them yet.

Papermaking and printing
Printers, paper mills and cartons use tear tape to mount plates on printing rolls or to splice rolls on production lines.
Sometimes industrial tape must also cover all aspects - more specifically, plate installation in the offset printing process. This is because each plate component is responsible for printing different pictures, so it is necessary to install each plate on the printing roller. The printing factory can adjust the printing quality by choosing the tape to install the plate.

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