High-Temperature Tape Manufacturer Is Mainly Used In Electronic Industry

High-Temperature Tape Manufacturer Is Mainly Used In Electronic Industry

High-temperature adhesive tape, that is, adhesive tape used in the high-temperature working environment. Mainly used in the electronics industry, the temperature resistance is usually between 120 degrees and 260 degrees. It is often used in spray painting, baking paint leather processing, painting and shading, fixing in the process of electronic parts, printed circuit board and high-temperature treatment shading. The high-temperature adhesive tape includes KAPTON high-temperature adhesive tape, Teflon high-temperature adhesive tape, high-temperature paper adhesive tape, PET green high-temperature adhesive tape, high-temperature double-sided adhesive and so on.

High-temperature adhesive tape has the following characteristics:

  • Insulation cladding of wire and cable industry;

  • Insulation lining of electro-oxygen industry;

  • The surface cladding of the storage tank roller and the friction lining of the guide rail can be directly attached to various large planes and regular curved surfaces (such as drums). It is easy to operate and can avoid the restrictions of specialized equipment, special technology, and transportation to the specialized spraying plant for the spraying of tetrafluoro materials.

  • Used in textile, food, pharmaceutical, wood processing, and other departments as insulating high-temperature materials; High-temperature tape manufacturer is mainly used in electronic industry.

  • Microwave drying of color printing and packaging machine, plastic braiding and drawing machine, various bagging machines of various conveyor belts and clothing, hot-pressing and sealing packaging industry, and hot-pressing sealing end face of sealing machine, etc.

Recognition of true and false high-temperature aluminium tapes: high-temperature tapes mainly consist of two parts, the base material and glue are two parts, some manufacturers to reduce costs, but also a way to reduce prices, its real quality is greatly discounted; Take KAPTON high-temperature tapes as an example, the fake whether the temperature resistance or insulation performance is far below. The real polyimide tape is made of tea-colored PET film coated with silica gel. Because the applied temperature of some industries does not need to be too high, no more than 260 degrees and the highest temperature resistance of PET is 220 degrees, it is not easy to detect under normal circumstances. What's more, using other glue, its temperature resistance is far less than that. Up to 150 degrees.

The high-temperature tape is identified from the following points:

  • taste;

  • appearance;

  • Residues after ignition and combustion;

  • The actual high-temperature test, after 260 degrees of high temperature, check whether there are residual glue, shrinkage and other phenomena.

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