Interpack 2020

Interpack 2020

Organized by the Dusseldorf Exhibition Organization, it was founded in 1958 and is held every three years. It is the world's largest, most influential and professional packaging industry exhibition.

 interpack 2020


There are three main categories of exhibits: packaging machinery and accessories; packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging tools and packaging auxiliary equipment; candy and baking industrial machinery and accessories.

The exhibition will be held for every three years, and the exhibitors will be fully prepared and ready to go, which is enough to demonstrate the professionalism of the industry. Showcased new packaging products, innovative solutions and related services for the packaging industry in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and confectionery sectors to users in the application industry. The personalized exhibits have become the most representative innovation forum and the most comprehensive platform for displaying all aspects from packaging materials to complete packaging solutions, providing you with an ideal platform to understand the new development of the international packaging market and open up the European packaging market. The exhibits include various packaging machinery and accessories, packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging tools and packaging auxiliary equipment, candy packaging machinery and equipment, packaging and so on. Due to the great relevance of packaging machinery, packaging materials and food machinery, the Dusseldorf exhibition company decided to increase the food processing machinery exhibition area in the 2020 packaging industry exhibition.

The exhibition has now become the most important exhibition for professional manufacturers to explore the European market, especially the German market. It gathers the leading brands in the world's packaging machinery industry and dominates the trend of the industry. The high international and supply diversity of the exhibition creates a communication platform between exhibitors and visitors, which allows participants to expand their business opportunities greatly!

As a packaging tape manufacturer, we have joined Interpack 2011, 2014, 2017 and we have registered for Interpack 2020. Our stand space has been increasing from 9SQM, 18SQM, 36SQM to 54SQM in 2020.

Our products of low noise tape, Smartape, printed low noise tape and hot melt tapes are widely recognized by the global customers. Our low noise tape has around 20% market share in west Europe and quality is consistent through all the year.

We'll be very happy to see you again and we will bring you a fresh feeling and impression on Hyseal image and products.

See you soon!

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