Quality Identification Method of Packaging Tape

Quality Identification Method of Packaging Tape

1. Smell

If the smell is strong and sour, the retention of this packaging tape is very poor. In particular, in the low temperature environment, the sealing glue basically stuck on the carton will crack. When the smell is stronger, the initial handfeeling of adhesion is still very sticky. But soon the rubber surface will be dry and its gelling property will be lost. At that time, there will be cracks on the surface of the adhesive tape, which is due to uneven gluing.


2. Brightness

Generally, the color of the inferior tape will be darker. This kind of packaging tape with poor strength is easy to break.


3. Tightness

During the process from semi-finished products to finished products, adhesive packing tape is taken up by machine seperately. There is a certain tension, and if the tension is high, the tape will be rolled tightly, and the tape should be rolled neatly according to the routine. There is no crack in this kind of tape, and glue and air are less combined, which can extend the retention period of the tape and maximize the adhesive force of the tape. In addition, due to the impurities in the inferior tape, the gluing is uneven. There is no problem after the finished product is just rolled. But as time goes on, there will be cracks gradually. The packaging tape with cracks inside is a typical rolling performance. So when choosing from two tapes, the best way is to feel the weight.


4. Paper tube

Thick paper tube tape is generally used to mislead consumption. The production of packaging tape is from abroad, so the inner diameter of paper tube of adhesive tape is 7.6cm. But the inferior tape manufacturers have done a lot of work on the thickness of the paper tube. And it is resulted due to many consumers. Many people think that the thicker the paper tube is, the larger the outer ring is, and the more tape is rolled. This kind of cognition is unscientific.


5. Color

Generally, if transparent tape is whiter, there will be less impurities. This can ensure the normal adhesion of the packaging tape. Paper tube of tape less than 100m can be seen because of its certain transparency. When selecting the sealing tape, you can also see whether there are irregular white spots on the surface of the tape. Those that cannot be removed by hand is a mark of impurities or glue, and this product is generally odorous.


6. Hand feeling of thickness of  film

The film of packaging tape that feels hard is usually inferior. And due to the thick film, the actual lenghth will be reduced. The film used for good adhesive tape is soft and has good elongation when stretched by hand.

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