The Celebration of Hyseal 's 4th New Website

The Celebration of Hyseal 's 4th New Website

Dear customers,

Do you still remember how you recognized and knew Hyseal? Exhibition, introduction by friends, or the emails sent by Hyseal? In the past ten years, the traditional business and communication were the bases of the success of Hyseal, as well as the key that rapidly made Hyseal a well-known enterprise from a small scale tape manufacturer domestically into now selling tapes to 80 countries.

The past ten years also means the diversified developments of the world economy and foreign trade industry information, there was a famous saying by Bill Gates: "In the 21st century, either e-commerce business or no business". Before this new website, Hyseal issued and operated 3 versions. As the window of Hyseal, they made countless contributions in providing a better and well-round understanding for our customers as well as the growth of Hyseal, but without exception, they all were simple and played a role as a display, their functions were simple and only provided the product information collection.

In September 2019, in the entire summer, Hyseal SEO website officially revealed to the public with the efforts of thorough schedule, material collecting and making. It is a new marketing website that integrates the company introduction, production display, data and media service, online service, online ordering and social media. In the next ten years, Hyseal will continue to join the exhibitions in the world meanwhile operate our SEO website. We believe more and more customers will recognize and know Hyseal through Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and Blog.

celebration of the 4th new website of Hyseal

On September 20th, 2019, to celebrate the successfully made new website, we held a simple but meaningful ceremony. We were joined by the owner of Hyseal Mr. Andy, sales director James, production manager Mr. Tang, HR manager Mr. Zhai, domestic marketing manager Mr. Wu and all the Hyseal office staffs to celebrate this activity, James was the temporary host of the ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, the members who made this new website shared the experience and efforts in the period of making this new website. Then with the opening of the champagne, the activity started to free and entertaining time. We went through puzzle game, interesting lucky draw and free singing. Endless laughter in puzzle game, surprises in lucky draw and under the circumstance of the music, our strict production manager Mr. Tang also sang a traditional and classical song joined by Mr. Andy. With this opportunity, thanks to the efforts of all the Hyseal employees during making the new website, thanks to the technical support of our internet partner, also thanks to all the customers who gave us the valuable suggestions and feedback when in the process and after the operating of the new website.

SEO website 4.0 is not the terminal, it's just a new landmark of our next ten years. Hyseal will keep providing better and premium products, better and convenient information service. Focus on tape manufacturing, spread "Made in China".

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