Trump's Trade War with China Hurts Everyone Involved!

Trump's Trade War with China Hurts Everyone Involved!

 Trump’s Trade War with ChinaThe trade war initiated by the U.S. government on China, which now includes the possibility of tariffs on all $500 billion worth of goods the U.S. imports from China, hurts everyone involved. 

The collateral damage of these unilateral protectionist moves includes China, the United States and the world economy. What the U.S. has done jeopardizes China’s interests. But it also brings unexpected harm to the global supply chain, undermines free trade, and places great uncertainty on the world economy.

Zhao Minghao, in an analysis of the most recent strategic moves made by the Trump administration regarding trade with China, declares that an escalation of the trade war will be detrimental to both nations, with a strong impact on the average American consumer with the potential for a quickly approaching recession. In pointing out that not only are Trump’s decisions made with strong American opposition but are also done so arbitrarily and counter to the judgements made by global organizations like the IMF, Zhao cautions that a trade deal is not the end goal — rather, Trump desires a decoupling of the two nations’ economies.

The deepening US-China trade war poses a significant challenge to the health of the global economy A new global recession could push both sides to the negotiating table, or it could provoke another wave of retrenchment and protectionism.

In facing of such situation Hyseal has stopped selling any tapes to the USA since March 2019. The impacts are not only for us, but also for the customers who prefer Chinese quality and prices. We hope the trade war will be over soon and the world can get back to be peaceful and harmonious!

Fortunately we are not selling too many adhesive tapes to the USA, we hope those tape companies who have big market share in the USA can conquer the difficulties at this moment and find out the solutions to the temporary problems.

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