In order to improve job efficiency, the tape dispenser becomes a necessity for Packaging Tapes. There are two kinds of dispenser. 

Our company provides you with the high-quality tape dispenser, such as adhesive tape dispenser, glue tape dispenser and masking tape dispenser.

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What is the tape dispenser?

To shear the tape, a tape dispenser that holds a roll of tape and has a mechanism at one end is needed. The different tapes make a variety of different dispensers. The clear tape dispensers like those used in an office or at home, are most commonly made of plastic, or maybe metal parts such as the blade. Other dispensers are fixed and perhaps have complicated characteristics in controlling tape usage and improving ergonomics.

Different types of dispenser

A hand held dispenser is for applying tape onto box closure, etc, some called it as a "tape gun". For better application, some smaller dispensers with the tape in it can be taken to the point for operator ease which allows the operator to cut off the tape conveniently and sometimes helps rub down the tape.

Pulling off the desired amount, tearing the tape off and taking the tape to the job can be much easier for the operator by applying tabletop or desk dispenser.

With the help of the electrical assists, desk dispensers are also suitable for dispensing and cutting pressure-sensitive tape with a predetermined length. Tabletop dispensers are commonly used in the industry to increase the productivity together with manufacturing or assembly lines. By adopting the automatic tape dispensers, it not only eliminates the necessity of manually measuring and the cutting of each individual piece of tape on high volumes of product and packaging, but also reduce material waste caused by human error, as well as the reducing of labor costs and increasing of productivity.

Choose a proper dispenser to use

There are many kinds of dispensers for choice. Most of the dispensers are customized with brands and special application purpose. The dispensers include packaging tape dispensers, stationery tape dispensers, auto electric dispensers, the color and designs can be changed based on the real requirement.

When choosing and using a dispenser, please pay attention to the safety protection. Some blades are sharp and they are easy to hurt the users. It’s better to have a safety cover on the blade.