Aluminum Tape

Aluminum Tape


Aluminum Tape is made by Aluminum Foil, coated with Solvent or Hot Melt adhesive. It has a great performance on heat & light reflection to protect against high temperature & U.V. degradation. The foil serves as an excellent barrier against moisture, dust, flame and certain chemicals when it is used in aircraft paint stripping masking. It supplies superior temperature, U.V., solvent resistance. It includes aluminium adhesive tapealuminum foil tape and aluminum duct tape.

 Thermally conductive

 Moisture and solvent resistant

 Heat and light reflective

 Flame resistant

 Outdoor weathering and UV resistant

  • Aluminum Tape

    Aluminum Foil Tape has the advantages of water proof, good adhesion and flame resistant. Aluminum Foil Tape is widely  used for sealing, metal repairing and wrapping pipes in air  condition, refrigerator, bridge construction industry.

    ▪ Colour: silver

    ▪ Backing material: Aluminum Foil

    ▪ Thickness: 50μm, 60μm, 90μm

    ▪ Hot sell size: 48mm x 25m, 48mm x 50m

    ▪ No release paper is available





  • Reinforced Aluminum Tape

    Reinforced Alumimun Foil Tape is with fiberglass on the backing side, which makes the tape to be with much stronger tensile strength. As a high grade Aluminum Tape, Reinforced Alumimun Foil Tape is widely used for refrigerator, chiller and the place which needs reflection, piping repairing, etc.

    ▪ Colour: silver

    ▪ Backing material: Reinforced Foil with fibreglass

    ▪ Adhesive: Hot Melt, Solvent

    ▪ Cut  roll width: 24mm, 38mm, 48mm

    ▪ Cut roll length: 10m, 40m, 50m

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