Office Tapes

The Office Tape, also called Stationery Tape or Tape for Office, is suitable for many different applications in office, home and school use. The main backing material is BOPP or matt BOPP, coated with Water Base Acrylic adhesive, then cut into small rolls.

Office Tapes Product Show

Different types of Office Tape

However, there are many kinds of Stationery Tapes, they are BOPP Stationery Tape, Magic Tape (also called Invisible Tape), Hologram Tape, Highlight Tape, Mending Tape, etc. Hyseal is able to produce diversified widths of Stationery Tapes from 9mm-25mm for 1" plastic core and 3" paper core tapes. Normally the length of 1" plastic core is from 10m-33m for office, home, school, and some light-duty packaging, and the length of 3" paper core tape can be varied from 33m-100m.

Hyseal's 1" plastic core is specially made for better experience in tape applications. It is reinforced with 6 individual pillars and perforated with small holes between each of the pillars to provide more bearing power of the tape.

Easy Tear Office Tape

The Office Tape can be rewound on 1'' plastic core with short length, or on a 3'' paper core with longer length, and packed with a desk dispenser or hand dispenser for easy cutting. There is also a kind of tape known as Easy Tear Tape. It is an upgraded product that the two sides of tape edges are specially treated so the user can tear the tape by hands easily. It is unnecessary to use a dispenser anymore as it can not only save the extra dispenser cost but also avoid the plastic waste made by dispensers.

DIY your own Office Tape

The Office Tape can be made in many different colors such as transparent, yellowish, golden yellow, super clear, crystal clear, white or even printed. The different color is for different attractions especially the super clear and crystal clear, the brand name or retail details can be shown on the outer core so it can be a free and moving advertisement. The most famous brands in the markets are 3M, Tesa, Sellotape and Hyseal tape.

The packaging for Stationery Tape can be in a bulk way, but the most favorable way is to pack in a retail manner, such as in a blister card, on a EURO card, individual roll with a dispenser or in pillow bags, etc. For more packaging ideas please contact our sales representatives.