Insulation Tape


PVC Insulation Tape also named PVC Electrical Tape, it is with soft Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) film as the backing material, coated with solvent pressure sensitive adhesive. With the main feature of flame retardant and voltage resistant, PVC Insulation Tape is widely used in electrical industry, such as splicing, protection, cable winding, automobile circuit, electrical engineering, motor, capacitor etc. It includes High Voltage Insulation TapeAluminium Insulation Tape and Coloured Insulation Tape.

 Flexible with strong retractability

 Flame retardant

 High voltage resistance

 Multi-coloured available

 1.5" paper core, 3" paper core are available

  • 1.5'' Core PVC Insulation Tape

    1.5'' core PVC Insulation tape is the most common

    insulation tape, with the small size which is very easy

    to carry and use. It can be in red, orange, yellow, green,

    blue, white, black to meet different electrical applications.

    ▪ Backing material: soft PVC

    ▪ Adhesive: Nature Rubber

    ▪ Total thickness: 150μm, 180 μm

    ▪ Paper core: 38mm core

    ▪ Hot sell size: 19mm x 10y, 19mm x 20y, 18mm x 10y


  • 3'' Core PVC Insulation Tape

    3'' core PVC Insulation Tape is normally with 48mm

    width or 50mm width. As it has the advantages of

    waterproof ,strong viscosity, high tensile strength,

    anti-aging, it is widely used for some special

    electrical jobs or circuit wrapping, especially for air

    conditioner cable or pipe masking.

    ▪ Backing material: soft PVC

    ▪ Adhesive: Nature Rubber

    ▪ Total thickness: 150μm, 180μm, 200μm

    ▪ Paper core: 75 mm core

    ▪ Hot sell size: 48mm x 25m, 48mm x 50m

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