Congratulations For Hyseal Becoming Grade A Exporter From China Customs


From 2010-2018 Hyseal got a very good export record and reputation from China customs. Our shipments and documents were all right with the requirements and never happened any bad records. We were proudly awarded as Grade A exporter in China.

Grade A means all the containers loaded by Hyseal can go through the China customs without inspection. This will greatly improve our logistics services and save our logistics costs. Most importantly, the containers will not be opened and the goods will not be unloaded and then reloaded. It will be a nightmare if the goods are taken out from the container and then reload after inspection.

Hyseal is not a talent, nor a giant. We just want to keep improving and growing and continuously supplying our customers with good packing tapes, good purchasing experiences and business safety. Grade A is not our final target, we are looking forward to becoming as A+ in the near future!

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