PVC Floor Tape


PVC Floor Tape or PVC Floor Marking Tape as a safety protection product, is soft PVC backing with Rubber adhesive. Two types of PVC Floor Tape are provided: single solid colour one & mixed-colour one. At the same time, PET Reflective Tape is supplied. Under a certain light irradiation, it has strong reflective effect, then acts the most effective & reliable security for people in the dark place or at night.

 Good marking and warning effect, easy to recognize

 Excellently apply to varieties of surfaces, easy to use

 Conformability stretch properties are good for wrapping, sealing

 Anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion and acid & alkali resistance

 Easy remove without residual

  • Single Colour PVC Floor Tape

    Single Colour PVC Floor Tape is made by single colour PVC and coated with rubber adhesive. It is designed for floor marking and area protection. For example, mark the product launches and exhibitions, warn the dangerous areas, mark out factory floors, etc.

    ▪   Standard size: 48mmx25m, 50mmx33m, customized sizes are also available

    ▪   Colour: black, red, yellow, blue, white, green, orange, silver

    ▪   Paper core and plastic core are available

    ▪   Resistant to humidity, moisture, humidity and corrosion

    ▪   Supplied both standard package way and retail package way



  • Mixed-colour PVC Floor Tape

    Mixed-colour PVC Floor Tape is produced by two colours PVC with rubber adhesive, different mixed-colour of PVC Floor Tape is for different application: black/yellow indicates physical hazard/caution, red/white indicates placement of fire equipment/first aid, black/white indicates potentially dangerous areas/traffic areas, green/white is used for decorative identification.

    ▪   Strong adhesion

    ▪   All kinds of mixed-colour PVC Floor Tape are available

    ▪   Effective warning reminder of potential danger

    ▪    Excellent abrasion resistance, peeled off without glue    residue

    ▪   3 years of shelf life


  • PET Reflective Tape

    PET Reflective Tape is made of mcro-prismatic reflective PET film and coated with Permanent pressure sensitive adhesive. When the light irradiates to the surface of Reflective tape, it can reflect the light back to all of directions, then people can notice the potential dangers. It is widely used in the road signs, traffic coner, tractors, building corners, etc. All kinds of colours are supplied and the different package ways are available.

    ▪   Hot sell size: 50mmx45m or customized size

    ▪   Popular color is black/yellow, red/white

    ▪   Superior reflection performance

    ▪   Flexible performance, easy to use

    ▪   High pressure water resistance, gas and diesel oil resistance

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