Hot Melt Tape

With high peeling adhesion and light unwinding force, the Hot Melt Tape can get an excellent adhesion for recycled cartons and critical applications. Hot Melt Tape is also the best choice for auto machine packaging.

Acrylic Tape

Hyseal main product, we gain more than 25 years experience to produce all kinds of Acrylic Tape , including Low Noise Tape, Crystal Clear Tape, Printed Tape, Coloured Tape. Acrylic Tape is widely used for general purpose packaging due to its low cost than other tapes.


Hyseal patented product, can greatly save material consumption, transportation cost, storage space and improve application efficiency against traditional 3" core tapes. It is a real eco-friendly product.

Paper Tape

100% degradable, can be recycled directly with cartons. It has a very high adhesion than BOPP packaging tapes and it has security function. The paper tape can be easily printed with company logo or brand or some warning messages.


Since the establishment of Hyseal in 1991, we have been in the production & sales of BOPP Water Base Acrylic Packaging Tape and Hot Melt Tapes as well as other industrial tapes such as Masking Tape, Double Sided Tape, Kraft Tape, Warning Tape and Cloth Tape. We believe by incorporating the ideas and market feedback of our customers, we will keep bringing new products and better solutions for our customers all over the world.


Quality and service first is what we are insisting on doing. To do business with us, customer can get stable quality, product flexibility, quick response, and professional solutions for packaging experience. Hyseal is not only aiming to produce good tapes, but also provide high services to our customers.