How to Pevent the Pckaging Tpe from Beaking?

There are many types of tape wholesale products, and packing tape is the very important one. However, there may be breakage during its use. How can this be prevented?

First, when you receive the packing tape, please be careful not to cut it directly from the middle with a knife, but from both ends. The cutting should not be too deep, because the carton thickness is very thin, and it will cut the packaging tape in contact with the above if the cutting is too hard. And if there is a little cut on it, the whole roll will be scrapped and will break when pulled. Therefore, please pay attention to avoiding the contact between the knife tip or sharp objects and the packing tape when opening the carton.

Second, the tape should not be contacted by sharp objects during the use of packing tape. The packing tape is fragile, so try not to be damaged.

The third is to smell the tape. If the smell is strong and there is a sour smell, it means that the adhesive tape has poor retention. The other is to see the brightness. The color of poor-quality tape will be dark, and the probability of broken tape is very high. Then check the color and see the color of the tape. The more white the packing tape is, the less impurity there is in the tape. All of these can ensure the normal adhesive viscosity.

Also, the packing tape in use has a regular pattern. The tape might has been damaged if it keeps breaking in one place.

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