You Can Create the Beauty of Life with Masking Tape

Write like an angel in modern society is no longer just a painter's patent. Those sprayers and painters who hide their skills in the folk arts are also the top “artists”, but they use walls as paper and brushes as paintbrushes to create amazing “murals”. Why are they so powerful? Because they not only have superior skills, but also carry secret weapons: masking tape!

Masking tape is a kind of high-tech decorative and spraying paper, and its color separation effect is clear and bright with arc art effect. It is based on textured paper and coated with pressure sensitive glue on one side, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good chemical solvent resistance, high adhesion, softness and stickness, no residual adhesive, etc. It is commonly known as “masking PSA tape” in the industry. It is not only suitable for paint shielding protection for high temperature resistant paint spraying on the surface of automobile, iron or plastic furniture, but also suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, varistor, circuit board and other industries.

For the construction personnel who spray or paint the walls, masking tape can help them improve the construction efficiency. Taking advantage of the adhesive adhesion, solvent resistance and easy peeling off of masking tape, they can cover up the places that do not need spraying, and brush and whitewash at ease, so as to avoid rework caused by mispainting.

The widely use of HYSEAL masking tape in household life makes it possible for more ordinary people to experience the creative feeling of DIY spraying wall.

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