Barrier Tape


Barrier Tape or Warning Tape is a safety protection product. It is widely used as traffic warning, safety warning, emergency isolation and other special occasions. People are attracted by its warning messages or colours, then pay attention to it and keep safety for themselves. There are three kinds of Barrier Tape: Standard BOPP Barrier Tape, OEM BOPP Barrier Tape and PE Barrier Tape. It includes hazard barrier tapereflective barrier tape and plastic barrier tape.


 High effective reminder of potential dangers

 High strength and wear-resistance

 Printed colour of BOPP Barrier Tape can be 1, 2 or multicolour

 Resistant to humidity, moisture, and corrosion

  • Standard BOPP Barrier Tape

    Standard BOPP Barrier Tape is a new Barrier Tape. Its function is the same as PE Barrier Tape and PVC Barrier Tape, but it hasmore advantages, comparing with other two Warning Tapes.  

    ▪ The lowest cost in three kinds of Barrier Tape

    ▪ Strong tensile strength and wear-resistance

    ▪ Popular colour: red & yellow, black & yellow, red & white

    ▪ Thickness: 28μm, 32μm, 35μm, 50μm, 60μm

    ▪ Color visible from two sides.

  • OEM BOPP Barrier Tape

    OEM BOPP Barrier Tape is with exact printed content for certain warning usages, for example: "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS", "CONSTRUCTION  DANGER", "DANGER DON'T ENTER", etc. Customized printed content on the tape is also available.

    ▪ Competitive cost

    ▪ 1 colour, 2 colours and multicolour are supplied

    ▪ OEM or standard warning message printing is available

    ▪ Thickness: 28μm, 32μm, 35μm, 50μm, 60μm

    ▪ Resist to humidity, moisture, corrosion.

  • PE Barrier Tape

    PE Barrier Tape or PE Warning tape, is made by 100% Virgin PE and printed two colours.

    ▪ Eco-friendly material

    ▪ Clear printing, effective warning

    ▪ Wear-resistant material to keep warning message for long time

    ▪ Thickness: from 28μm to 80μm

    ▪ Popular size: 48mm x 500m, 72mm x 500m, 72mm x 100m

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