Big Success from the 125th Canton Fair

We participated in the 125th Canton Fair and got big success after the show. We had one booth in Hall 10 and another booth in Hall 14, we had received more than 240 visitors and around 30 customers from different countries visited our factory and got quite impressed.

Most of the customers prefer our crystal clear tape, low noise tape and hot melt tape, which all are our strong items.

During the Canton Fair there are a lot of competitors and it is difficult for the customers to identify and choose their favorite partners so we always invite the clients to visit our company if they have interests in our products. By visiting our company we will have more chances to understand each other further and establish a foundation for future cooperation.

Some of the customers who visited our company had placed their orders on the spot or made quick decisions after they got back to their homeland. Hyseal is a company who doesn't aim to be number one in the world but we are trying to strengthen our quality control, customer service and product innovations to get stronger in the tape industry.

Canton Fair is a window, a bridge, to connect you and us! We are looking forward to seeing you on the 126th Canton Fair and you will see our new products of solvent acrylic tape, frozen tape and premium hot melt tape for special applications.

If you want to know something more about Canton Fair, please visit If you need further assistance for your Chinese trip during Canton Fair, we will be happy to help.


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