As a professional adhesive tape company, Hyseal started the production for Smartape early in 2012 and this is a patented product from us.

Smartape Product Show


What is Smartape?

The Smartape is made with 25mm inner diameter core, rewound with 150m or 200m tape, packed as standard 66m tape, put 36 rolls in an outer master carton. For a same thickness (i.e. 45mic), the outer diameter of standard 66m tape is 103mm, while 150m Smartape is 98mm, 200m Smartape is 112mm. You are now saving your money from this point!


What are the advantages of Smartape?

By using your sharp pencils, you will find out easily that the Smartape saves your logistics costs and warehouse space, and greatly improves the packaging efficiency by avoiding to change the rolls frequently.

For example, one 20' container can load 326K SQM tapes of Smartape 48mm x 150m, while a 40' container can only load 287K SQM tapes of 48mm x 66m on a standard 3" core. When we consider transportation costs, customs clearance charges, etc, we will find that with Smartape it saves more than 10% cost than 3" core tapes.

Furthermore, the Smartape can save greatly your warehouse space. One pallet of Smartape is equivalent to 2.5pallets of Standard tapes. Save your warehouse means save your money for warehouse charge.

The paper core for a Smartape is just around 13gr while a standard 3" paper core is around 29.5gr. As one of the most reliable adhesive tape suppliers from China, our Smartape is much more eco-friendly.

Smartape, with a special feature of low noise effect, becomes an unique product for Hyseal and it was patented in 2013. Hyseal is the only legal one in China to produce the Smartape. Now it is widely sold to Europe, South America and Oceania. Smartape becomes a symbol product for Hyseal.


Are there more choices for core diameters?

The answer is Yes! Our Smartape now can be with 38mm core, 50mm core, which have the same advantages as 25mm core. The adhesives are available both for acrylic and hot melt. It is suggested to use this tape with a specific tape dispenser so the efficiency will be much higher. The Smartape is not only one idea, but a product that saves your money, energy and is eco-friendly to the world.

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