Gum Tape, Gummed Tape

Gum Tape


Gum Tape is made by kraft paper and coated with Starch adhesive, normally it is used with Gum Tape dispenser. It is no adhesion under a natural situation, after the adhesive is activated by water, Gum Tape can be used to seal the box, decorate the frame, protect, bond and etc. Both kraft paper and starch adhesive are 100% recyclable materials, it is an eco-friendly tape.

 Activated by water

 Strong adhesion for all kinds of cartons

 Kraft, white, printed color are available

 Reinforced Gum Tape is available for heavy duty packaging

 Eco-friendly and 100% organic degradation

We provide you with custom gummed paper tape.

  • Gum Tape

    Gum Tape is used for general packing application, it is superior to BOPP Packaging Tape and its most famous features are eco- friendly and can be recycled directly with cartons. It has strong adhesion to recycled paperboard box and is composed by 100% organic degradable materials, so now the paper tape, gum tape are widely required by EU countries where people limit to use the plastic products. Various specifications are provided by Hyseal.

    • Backing material: kraft paper

    • Adhesive: starch adhesive

    • Colour: kraft, white, printed

    • Popular width: 48/50/60/70/72mm

    • Popular length: 50/100/150/200/300/400/500m


  • Reinforced Gum Tape

    Comparing with general Gum Tape, Reinforced Gum Tape is laminated with fiberglass to gain in the tape strength, it is designed for heavy duty packaging and has a high resistance to abrasion in transportation. Hyseal supplies Reinforced Gum Tape with 2" core and 3" core to match with different Gum Tape dispensers.

    • Laminated with fiberglass

    • High adhesion

    • High tensile strength

    • Designed for heavy duty packaging

    • Printed one is available

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