Double Sided Tape


Double Sided Tape includes Double Sided PP Tape, Double Sided Tissue Tape, Double Sided Adhesive Foam Tape and Double Sided EVA Foam Tape. PP one is mainly used for computerized embroidery and shoe & leather industry. Tissue one is suitable to paste envelop, public notes, photos and some home and office use. EVA one is irregular surface, mounting decorative objects in cars, machines and houses.

 Various widths are provided

 Supply Acrylic, Hot Melt and Solvent adhesive

 Different thicknesses are available

 Eco- friendly backing material

 Retail packaging way is acceptable

We are professional double sided adhesive sheets wholesale and we provide you with the high-quality Double sided tissue Tape.

  • Double Sided PP Tape

    Double Sided PP Tape is coated on both sides with Acrylic or

    Solvent or Hot Melt adhesive on BOPP film, then wind with

    white or yellow siliconized paper. BOPP film is with strong

    tensile strength and adhesive is with aggressive adhesion to

    the surface, it is ideal choice for carpet fixing, splicing, also

    suitable for sealing poly bags, sticking wallpaper, paper, etc.

    ▪ Holding, jointing of light objects

    ▪ Good adhesion, long lasting

    ▪ Clean the surface of jointing object before using

    ▪ With white or yellow release paper




  • Double Sided Tissue Tape

    Double Sided Tissue Tape is produced by tissue paper and

    coated double side of adhesive. Adhesive can be Water Base

    Acrylic, Hot Melt and Solvent. Acrylic Double Side Tissue

    Tape is popular because it's good cost and solvent free. It is

    easy to use and tear by hands, people like to use it to fix

    ornament hook or signboard, paste mail stamp and

    envelope and some DIY usage.

    ▪ Easy tear by hands

    ▪ Ideal tape for home and office use

    ▪ Suitable for general purpose applications

    ▪ Flexible width: from 3mm to 150mm


  • Double Sided EVA Foam Tape

    EVA is in short of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer. EVA has

    the features of shock proof and anti-slip. Double Side EVA

    Foam Tape is coated with Water Base Acrylic or Natural

    Rubber on two sides of EVA, then winded with release

    paper. EVA can be in different colours, such as white, gray

    and black. It is widely used in electrical products,

    automobiles, computers, toys, sports equipment, etc.

    ▪ Thickness: 0.5mm - 8mm

    ▪ Strong double side adhesion

    ▪ Shock-proof and crack resistant

    ▪ Good performance in all kinds of surfaces


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