Anti-slip Tape


Anti-Slip Tape or Anti-Slip Safety Tape or Anti-Slip Warning Tape is made by PVC film or PET film. The surface of PET or PVC is filled with aluminium oxide sands, slip-resistance materials. Its inner side is coated with pressure-sensitive solvent adhesive. It provides a safe, non-slip surface under shoes traffic to prevent from slips and falls at any slippy places.

 Long-lasting in all kinds of weather and heavy traffic. It includes Anti-Slip Floor TapeAnti-Slip Adhesive Tape and Anti-Slip Traction Tape.

 No Residue after Tearing

 Perfect performance for preventing from slips in walking areas

 Easy to install and use

 Suitable for all kinds of surfaces: floors, stairs, walkways, etc.

  • Colorful Anti-Slip Tape

    Coloured Anti-Slip Tape is based on PVC film with aluminium oxide sands and coated with pressive sensitive solvent adhesive.

    ▪ Anti-slip surface: can be applied both in interior and exterior place

    ▪ No-residue: easy to remove from most of surface without any damange

    ▪ Water & oil proof: protective material can be used in bathroom, swiming pool and kitchen, etc.

    ▪ Easy to use: just cut and stick on the stairs, walkways, kitchen, room, etc.

    ▪ Colour: transparent, white, red, green, yellow, blue, grey, black, orange, yellow & black, white & red.





  • Printed Anti-Slip Tape

    Printed Anti-Slip Tape or Caution Anti-Slip tape: The printed content can be warning messages, such as CATION, WATCH YOUR STEP, etc. The printed Anti-slip Tape can greatly improve the visuality and avoid potential hurts for your safety.

    ▪ Most popular one is printing black on yellow base

    ▪ Free of mold charge for "CAUTION" and "WATCH YOUR STEP"

    ▪ Exceptional durability and adhesion, long-lasting

    ▪ through weather and heavy traffic

    ▪ Perfect for skiding place with extra warning effect

    ▪ Hot sell size: 19mm x 5m, 25mm x 5m, 50mm x 5m


  • Luminous Anti-Slip Tape

    Luminous Anti-Slip Tape is specially for the dark areas or night. There are two kinds of Luminous Anti-Slip Tape to be provided:

    ▪ PET Luminous Anti-Slip Tape: PET film + luminous sands or PET film + half luminous aluminium oxide sands + half aluminium oxide sands

    ▪ Popular size: 19mm x 5m, 25mm x 10m, 48mm x 5m

    ▪ PET Luminous Anti-Slip Tape: PET film + luminous line +  aluminium oxide sands

    ▪ Available size: 48mm x 5m/10m, 50mm x 5m/10m

    ▪ Glowing in dark environment can avoid slipping, and can guide correct direction in case of emergency.

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