25mm Core Tape

25mm Core Tape


Smartape is a patented product which belongs to Hyseal. Smartape is based on original intentions of eco-friendly & saving cost, so its specification is 48mmx150m with 1" paper core. Small paper core is eco-friendly. 150m or 200m + small core is to save cost. Now the range of Smartape includes both Acrylic series and Hot Melt series. Comparing to standard tape, its advantages are:

 Reduce packaging waste

 Organic solvent free & eco-friendly

 Save transportation costs and fuel emissions

 Free up the storage space

 Smartape dispenser is provided

  • Description

    Smartape is an extra bonus tape. Hyseal is the first adhesive tape company in China to produce it and we got the patent in 2012. Among various adhesive tape manufacturers, Hyseal is the only legal one to produce 1" core tapes. Its standard specifications are 48mmx150m and 72mmx150m, customized specifications are available, such as 48mmx200m, 75mmx200m. Printed Smartape and Low noise Smartape become more and more popular. They are now being used to replace standard tape. The Smartape can be also with Hot Melt adhesive, Hot Melt Adhesive Tape takes an important position for industrial applications. In order to let customer use Smartape easily, specialized dispensers for Smartape are provided by Hyseal.


    Hot Melt Smartape

      Popular specifications are 48mm x 150m x 25μm and 48mm x 200m x 28μm

      Available colour: transparent, yellowish, brown, white, coloured.


    Acrylic Smartape

      Supplied both Low Noise and Noisy versions

      Full range of quality grades: 43μm ~ 60μm

      Standard colours and printed ones are available

  • Features

    Our 25mm Tape has the following special features:

  • Advantages

    One Inch Tape or 1 Inch Packing Tape has more advantages than standard tape. It uses less material and therefore requires less space and costs. It is much more economical to use Smartape Packing Tape.






  • Quality Grade

    Grades Film Thickness Total Thickness Peeling Adhesion Shear Value Tensile Strength Elongation
    Acrylic Smartape
    Economy 23 μm 43 μm 6.0 N/inch >24 hours 55 N/inch 105%
    Medium 25 μm 47 μm 6.5 N/inch >24 hours 65 N/inch 105%
    Industrial 28 μm 50 μm 6.5 N/inch >24 hours 80 N/inch 110%
    Premium 32 μm 55 μm 7.2 N/inch >24 hours 95 N/inch 115%
    Hot Melt Smartape
    Economy 25 μm 41 μm 8.0 N/inch >48 hours 65 N/inch 105%
    Premium 28 μm 45 μm 9.0 N/inch >48 hours 80 N/inch 110%
    The above data is the average value as the result of production samples and not a guarantee of a final result. For more details, please refer to the product data sheet.

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