Customer Service

Product flexibility

Hyseal is specialized in designing and manufacturing full range of acrylic & hot melt packaging tape.

Products of different packaging and different applications are available from Hyseal. 

OEM products can be accepted.

ODM products are widely sold . 


Efficient response

12-Hour- reply

By Email, Whatsapp, Wechat, customers can get quicker answers to any questions within 12hours.  


Professional sales team

With an average age of 30 years old and an average sales experience of 7 years, Hyseal's sales team can provide customers with professional and accurate response.


Market support

Cost trend

The cost situation of tape raw materials is timely shared monthly.

Market feedback

By collecting the feedbacks from different makets, the preferable packaging products and solutions will be proposed to our customers. 

Product trend

The hot selling products and market demands will be shared actively with the customers.

Confidential policy

All customers' business activities are strictly protected.


Sales following

Which item is the best seller? Where is the best market?  

How to make a good promotion for special products? 

To present the best solutions to customers for above is what we are continuously doing.


Complaint settlement

All kinds of complaint will be quickly forwarded to Hyseal QA department and within 48 hours we will work out proper proposals or solutions. Hyseal is responsible for all kinds of quality issues and service issues.